About the Cumberland Lodge of Luton

The Cumberland Lodge was founded in 1918; the first Master of the Lodge was Hugh Cumberland who was a Land Agent and Auctioneer from Luton.

The first meetings were held in the Town Hall before it was burnt down on 19th July 1919, fortunately we did not have a Lodge meeting on that day.
The Lodge then met at various venues in the town untill the building of The Luton Masonic Hall on Church Street which was completed in 1924.

Cumberland Lodge continued to meet there until the building was sold in 1995 and in 1996 we moved to our new premises in Bowling Green Lane Luton.

Over the Years Cumberland Lodge has become one of the most successful Lodges in Luton raising a huge amount of money for good causes.

In recent years we are proud to say that Cumberland Lodge has become very multi cultural reflecting the diversity of Luton itself. It is truly a Lodge of like minded people irrespective of every thing else.

We have members from all walks of life, we enjoy one another’s company and above all we enjoy our Freemasonry.

Apart from our Lodge meetings we have a very active social calendar where we involve our partners and families, we are a very happy and friendly bunch and are known amongst many as the friendliest Lodge in Luton.

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